knowledge discovery, data mining, cartography, visualization, electronic corpora, social media, community detection, semantic web, digital libaries.

MOMA is a research group from the Complex Systems Institute of Paris Idf (ISC-PIF) that gathers a team of scientists in complex systems sciences, computer science, webmining  and scientometrics working on the reconstruction and visualization of science dynamics and socio-semantic networks. 

Focus Feb. 2013 Phylomemetic Patterns in Science Evolution—The Rise and Fall of Scientific Fields, PLoS One, Feb. 2013


Feb. 2012 - Launch of the multi-scale complex systems community explorer

Explore the complex systems community worldwide at all scales.

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FOCUS Nov. 2011

Stream of Media Issues : Approches for the monitoring of  world food security

Visit the  project page with online plateform

Project presented at the United Nation in collaboration with UN Global Pulse

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Map of Fet Open Funded projects
A map of Fet Open funded projects and their thematics done in the framework of the TINA project is now online.
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Release of Tinaweb Alpha


MDTS11 Data Challenge Winners are  published. More on the MDTS11 website.


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International workshop organized by the MOMA team (CREA/ISC-PIF) March 23-24 2011

Map of Bias in Biomedical research

A systematic mapping offering a dynamic classification of biases in biomedical investigation and related fields.


Keywords: Bias; Mapping; Clustering; Directed clique; Text-mining; Biomedical literature

Browse the map : java users | non java-users

Publication: Chavalarias & Ioannidis (2010) JCE


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